‘I’m the Perfect Gentleman’


To know Mr. Rolo is to love him.

The three-year-old miniature American Shepherd was born at Circle A Farms in Virginia—the fuzziest puppy in the litter. When a young couple named Sam and Ross visited, in search of a dog to adopt, he walked right up to them and started burrowing in their jacket.

‘I picked them, and man, did I pick well,’ says Mr. Rolo. ‘The farm was pretty and all, but how many dogs get to live in Georgetown?’

With distinct black, white, and caramel coloring, his parents settled on Rolo, like the candy. They tacked on ‘Mr.’ out of respect for the proper gentleman that he is.

‘I’m the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet, and I like to have fun—but I have a serious side, too! I always make sure everything is OK and everyone is where they’re supposed to be. I guess you could say I’m concerned with what’s going on around me.’

During the weekday, Mr. Rolo teleworks with his Mom and Dad—taking morning and afternoon walks around the neighborhood. He loves play time at Georgetown Waterfront Park, and will do anything for a treat.

‘Like, anything.’

Energetic, loyal, intelligent, and agile, Mr. Rolo is a small herding dog with a large group of friends. He loves everyone he meets, but considers a Westie his bestie.

‘Well, and my German Shepherd friend. Those are my two best friends—Lucy Lou and Mika. And I really like hanging out with the Beagle Sisters when they come to work at the Georgetown BID. Everyone in that office works so hard—and they’re not even paying me to say that!’

When he needs an afternoon pick-me-up, Mr. Rolo heads to Grace Street Coffee to catch up with his barista friend, Mike. If he’s feeling adventurous, he’ll swing up to M Street.

‘Lululemon always has treats for me and they’re super friendly—plus they clap when I show them how flexible I am. When I’m feeling fancy and it’s cool outside, I also like brunch at Peacock Café and Martin’s Tavern. Did you know almost every President has eaten there, plus me?!’

When he isn’t dining al fresco, Mr. Rolo sleeps in, cuddles with his parents, and loves to shop Georgetown.

‘Not to poo-poo on the other neighborhoods—which I’ve literally done—but this is the best place to shop in the city. I’m my Mom’s sidekick anytime she needs to run errands, plus I get a treat when I go with her. Like I said, I’ll do anything for a treat.’

Mr. Rolo offsets his penchant for snacks with long hikes through Rock Creek Park—jumping in the water, playing fetch, and exploring the wilderness. He also likes to exercise by running away from his fears.

‘This one time my parents were walking toward the vet and I wasn’t in the mood, so I wiggled out of my collar and started heading back home. My Dad was chasing after me, so I’d stop every so often, let him get close, and then run some more. It was really funny, but he didn’t laugh.’

But ever the gentleman, Mr. Rolo can admit when he’s wrong.

‘It turns out we weren’t going to the vet after all, so that was embarrassing. But hey—I’m only human!’